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Corruption - 20th May - Everyone has their price [May. 10th, 2006|12:24 pm]
Dark Events Club Information



11pm - Smudj
12.30 - Dissolved Pet
1.30 - Max Trauma
2.30 - Al Ghul
3.30 - Dr D
4.30 - Corrupt mix up time...

Dress ups:Think seedy underworld, blackspolitation, pimps, whores, hustlers,rentboys, dealers, thugs or just wear what fell of the back of a truck.And of course goth is acceptable.
Performances: Show on at 1am
Music: Dark dirty electro, industrial dance and anything else you can bribe our dj's to play.

Entry Bribes: $15 at door, $10 with dark pass or guest list

Location: Inflation - 60 King St Melbourne, Geddes lane entrance

Guest List: email info @ darkevents dot net or 0416 301 260. Dark Passes available on the night in the club.

www.darkevents.net for more info, photos and details of other upcoming events